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Men’s health

Good physical health for blokes

Too many blokes don’t seek help when they have a health hassle until it gets really bad.

Men suffer from some physical conditions more than women. Leading causes of premature death in men include heart-related diseases and various forms of cancer – especially lung and prostate cancer – stroke, diabetes and suicide. Many of these conditions are preventable.

Living a healthier Lifestyle

Staying physically active and eating a healthy diet will do a lot to maintain your health and well being

Just 30 minutes of exercise/moderate activity on most days of the week (at least 2.5 hours per week) will help you stay healthy.

We should all enjoy a variety of healthy foods. Include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet and aim for meals that are low in saturated fats, added sugars and added salt. This can help protect your body from chronic disease.

Healing and Cupping therapy for men
Healing and Cupping therapy for men

If you have ever heard of cupping therapy and wondered what it is or how it can help you, read the article on 8 reasons to start with cupping therapy today.

Cupping is a form of ancient Chinese treatment which was also used by the ancient Egyptians. Cupping stimulates life force energy through meridians in the body. Cupping is also called Hijama.

Cups used in Hijama are made of plastic or bamboo, but mostly glass. Before the treatment starts, oil is applied to the skin of the patient to help the cups glide during treatment. 

say goodbye to pain and unhealthy body with hijama cupping therapy

Drinks & Smokes

Drinking more than 2 standard drinks on any day increases your risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury over a lifetime. Drinking more than 4 standard drinks on a single occasion increases the risk of alcohol-related injury arising from that occasion.

Smoking leads to cancer, heart disease, emphysema and many other health problems. If you smoke, talk to your GP about quitting. Ansd try challenging yourself to stop smoking and over imbibing in drinking alcohol.

Health checks

Your general practitioner (GP) is there to treat you if you feel unwell, but also to prevent future health problems. One way of doing this is to identify existing or potential things that may affect your health (known as ‘risk factors’).


Your GP may want to detect an illness in its early stages so that it can be treated more effectively. This could involve tests such as checking your blood pressure.

In fact, a lot of men go to the doctor only if they’re sick or have a medical emergency. However, regular check-ups are important for preventing things like cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. If you haven’t had a preventative care check-up in over a year, it’s time to visit your doctor. Many diseases and conditions don’t have obvious symptoms but may put you at risk for heart attack or stroke.

Your GP can also help you improve your health by changing your lifestyle. Even if you feel healthy and don’t think you need a GP, it is still a good idea to have regular health checks..

“In Managing stress,
Take time every day to do something you enjoy, and get plenty of rest each night.”

Stress management is essential to well-being and something we should practice every day.

How does stress affect men?

Stress has been linked to increased pain sensitivity. It causes your muscles to tense, which can lead to ongoing pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. Stress is also a common headache and migraine trigger. Living with chronic pain also increases your stress and anxiety, creating a vicious circle. http://www.healthline.com › health › stress-symptoms-in-men


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