Warm Up with A Total Gym “Layered Workout”

Beat the Chill: Heat Up with A Complete Fitness center “Layered Exercise”

Maria Sollon, MS, CSCS, PES

Because the winter chill remains to be with us, it’s tempting to twist up below the blankets and hibernate till spring. However worry not! Along with your trusty Complete Fitness center by your aspect, you possibly can beat the winter blues and preserve these muscle tissues fired up, even when it’s chilly exterior.

Let’s face it, the chilly climate can zap our motivation to hit the gymnasium or go for a run. However with a Complete Fitness center exercise, you may have the proper answer proper within the consolation of your personal house. Say goodbye to icy roads and freezing winds, and whats up to a heat and invigorating exercise that can depart you feeling energized and powerful proper into the spring season.

So, beat the chilliness with our Complete Fitness center and get your physique able to leap into the spring season! 

The Layered Up Exercise

This exercise routine not solely retains your muscle tissues heat, but it surely additionally helps you construct energy and energy by layering up your actions for optimum effectiveness.

Set Up:

Degree: Low – Excessive (incline varies relying on the train carried out together with present energy stage).

Equipment: Pull-up Bars and Cables


  1. The Layered Exercise is carried out in circuit format, one train after the opposite with minimal relaxation in between.
  2. This exercise comprises 3 workout routines that may be “layered up” by rising the problem throughout every set it’s carried out (ie: newbie, intermediate, superior, BONUS spherical).
  3. Begin the first spherical of the circuit by performing the train in its most simple type for 10-20 reps. Then transfer immediately onto the following train and carry out it in the identical manor till all 3 workout routines are accomplished.
  4. Take a fast relaxation, reset, and repeat this course of till all 3 workout routines are carried out for 3 units in 3 totally different variations.
  5. To ensure you have overwhelmed any sit back of your physique, carry out the BONUS (4th) spherical for an additional problem! (Most superior model)
  6. Be sure you embody your personal dynamic warm-up and conclude with a correct quiet down to advertise muscle restoration.
  7. Study the train variations, then observe the Pattern Circuit Sequence to totally perceive learn how to “layer up” the workout routines.


Earlier than diving into the exercise, put together your muscle tissues with a dynamic warm-up to get these muscle tissues primed and able to go. Spend 5 minutes doing a sequence of dynamic stretches and actions reminiscent of arm circles, leg swings, torso twists, and squats. This can enhance blood move to your muscle tissues and assist forestall damage throughout your exercise.

Cool Down:

After finishing the exercise, take a couple of minutes to chill down and stretch out your muscle tissues. Deal with stretching your quads, hamstrings, hips, chest, and shoulders to enhance flexibility and stop soreness.

Beat the Chill: Layered Exercise

Now that you simply’re warmed up, it’s time to get into the meat of the exercise. We’ll be specializing in a sequence of workout routines that focus on totally different muscle teams whereas holding your physique in movement to generate warmth and construct energy.


Key: GB = Glideboard


Set Up: Low Degree

  1. Primary: Plank Shifts
    • Assume an incline plank place on the GB with arms prolonged.
    • A: open GB barely to increase arms in direction of vertical column
    • B: return GB to beginning place or barely previous authentic plank (over shoot arms)

  1. Intermediate: Mt. Climbers
    • Assume an incline plank place on the GB with arms prolonged.
    • A: open GB to hover in a plank. Purpose 1 knee in direction of heart of arms, then return to plank.
    • B: Alternate knees in direction of heart of arms; Mt. Climber movement

  1. Superior: Military Crawl
    • Assume an incline forearm plank place on the GB.
    • A: start to stroll the forearms as much as the highest of the GB whereas sustaining correct plank type; straight line from head to heels with core engaged always.
    • B: stroll the forearms again down the GB to the beginning place to repeat the set variety of reps.
    • Modify by kneeling on the ground on the backside base. Vary of movement shall be much less.

  1. Bonus: Down Down Up Up
    • Assume an incline plank place on the GB with arms prolonged.
    • A: decrease 1 arm at a time right down to a forearm plank place (down down)
    • B: lengthen again up 1 arm at a time right into a plank place (up up)
    • Keep a correct plank place always.
    • GB might be open or closed primarily based on the depth problem you like.


Set Up: Medium-Excessive Degree + Pull-up Bars Hooked up

  1. Primary: Tempo
    • Lie susceptible on the GB whereas holding the pull-up bars in every hand.
    • A: pull your body weight as much as carry out a pull-up open GB to hover in a plank.
    • B: lengthen arms again into beginning place to repeat at a good tempo.

  1. Intermediate: Negatives
    • A: carry out the pull-up with a cadence of 1 depend to tug up into the pull-up
    • B: slowly decrease again down using a 3 depend tempo

  1. Superior: Pulses
    • A: pull as much as the highest place and carry out 3 small pulses.
    • B: decrease right down to the beginning place to reset and repeat.

  1. Bonus: Plyos
    • A: pull up utilizing highly effective energy. On the high of the movement, rapidly let go (plyo).
    • B: rapidly catch and return to repeat.
    • Hand place might be both overhand, or underhand.


Set Up: Low-Medium Degree + connect cables

  1. Primary: Ft on GlideBoard
    • Lie supine with ft on the GB and cables in fingers positioned out from chest.
    • A: Curl the higher physique right into a crunch whereas concurrently decreasing the arms by sides.
    • B: Return to beginning place to repeat the reps.

  1. Intermediate: 90 Diploma Knees
    • Lie supine with elevated knees to 90 levels on the GB and cables in fingers positioned out from chest.
    • A: Curl the higher physique right into a crunch whereas concurrently decreasing the arms by sides.
    • Return to beginning place to repeat the reps.

  1. Superior: Tuck Prolong
    • Lie supine with knees bent at 90 levels and arms prolonged from chest to start.
    • A: Curl the higher physique right into a crunch whereas concurrently decreasing the arms by sides and tucking the knees in direction of chest.
    • B: Prolong the the legs and arms in opposition. Repeat this tuck and lengthen movement.

4. Bonus: Teaser Up

    • Lie supine with arms prolonged diagonally in direction of thighs and legs prolonged straight to start.
    • A: Roll up right into a V-sit concurrently bringing your arms and knees in direction of one another.
    • B: Slowly reverse this movement to return to the beginning place to repeat.

Pattern Circuit Sequence

Spherical 1: (fundamental)

  1. PLANKS: Plank Shifts
  2. PULL UPS: Tempo
  3. PULLOVER CRUNCH: Ft on GlideBoard

Spherical 2: (intermediate)

  1. PLANKS: Mt. Climbers
  2. PULL UPS: Negatives (Up 1, Sluggish 3 counts down)
  3. PULLOVER CRUNCH: 90 Diploma Knees                                                      

Spherical 3: (superior)

  1. PLANKS: Military Craw
  2. PULL UPS: Pulses (pulse 3x, lengthen slowly)
  3. PULLOVER CRUNCH: Tuck Prolong

Spherical 4: BONUS

  1. PLANKS: Down Down Up Up
  2. PULL UPS: Plyos

NOTE: It’s also possible to select to carry out every train in all the variations as its personal circuit.  For instance, Spherical 1 is all planks, Spherical 2 is all Pull Ups, and Spherical 3 is all Pullovers. Be aware that if this feature is chosen, you may be performing all 4 train variations earlier than altering the circuit.

To see an illustration of how these Complete Fitness center workout routines are carried out, try my YouTube channel @groovysweat.

There you may have it! A Complete Fitness center exercise that not solely beats the winter chill, but additionally leaves you feeling heat, sturdy, and prepares your muscle tissues for the spring season forward!


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